We anticipate making up to four awards in the current application cycle.  Awards will be funded for 2 years and are non-renewable.*

Applicants may request up to $75,000 (direct costs) per year, plus applicable indirect costs, not to exceed $150,000 in total costs per year. This funding may be used for salaries, technical support, laboratory supplies, approved equipment, enrollment in training classes or workshops, travel to the CFAR Mentor’s institution, and travel to the research field site; or for other research or training-related activities.

Additional travel support will be provided for the Adelante Scholar, CFAR Mentor, and Collaborating Partner to attend a mandatory 1-day orientation facilitated by the NIH Office of AIDS Research (OAR) and the NIH-supported CFARs. Up to $3,500 per year will be provided for each Scholar, CFAR Mentor, and Collaborating Partner to attend program-relevant domestic or international HIV/AIDS conferences. Additional support also will be provided for the Scholar, CFAR Mentor, and Collaborating Partner to attend a mid-cycle retreat and a final close-out workshop facilitated by NIH OAR, the CFARs, and the OAR Hispanic Working Group. Additional support may be provided for the CFAR Mentor to attend a mentoring-the-mentor workshop, provided by the CFARs.

The release of research period funding is contingent upon demonstration of satisfactory outcomes from the research preparation period and the establishment of a full partnership between the Scholar and the Collaborating Partner, as evidenced by the work plan and letters of support.


*Adelante program funding is provided by the US National Institutes of Health as a supplement to the Emory University CFAR (P30AI050409), and all program and project funding is contingent on the availability of funds.