The 2019-2021 CFAR Adelante application cycle is now closed.
Download the Full RFA (PDF)

The application process for the 2019-2021 CFAR Adelante Program funding cycle will be administered in a two-phase process:  the Concept Proposal phase (open to all applicants; due January 7, 2019) and Full Research Proposal (by invitation based on concept proposal submission outcome; due April 16, 2019).  Full Research Proposals will be accepted only from those applicants who have been invited to submit them by the CFAR Adelante Program, based on the outcome of the Concept Proposal review.  Details are outlined in the Full RFA, as found above.

Applicants are required to have established a relationship with their CFAR Mentor and their Collaborating Partner prior to submission of the Full Proposal. Documentation, in the form of a letter of support from the CFAR Mentor and the Collaborating Partner, must be submitted with the application packet.  As part of the funded research plan, CFAR Mentors and Collaborating Partners will be responsible for helping Scholars develop and apply culturally responsive HIV/AIDS research skills that will be used to expand HIV-related knowledge and disseminate information through organizations and institutions that work with Latino/Hispanic populations. Scholar applicants are also required to include a draft Mentoring Plan with their application.

A full list of the 19 NIH-funded CFARs can be found here.  If you need help identifying a CFAR Mentor, please contact Dr. Maria Cecilia Zea at