I would like to share the ADELANTE program with my friends and colleagues. Is there a flyer with information?

  • Click here to download a copy of the CFAR ADELANTE Program Fact Sheet.
  • Click here to download a copy of the full CFAR ADELANTE RFA.

Are Puerto Ricans eligible to apply?

Yes. They are U.S. citizens. Applicants must be  U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Are post-doctoral fellows eligible?

Yes with exceptions. See full eligibility requirements

Are part-time faculty eligible?

No. PI/Scholar eligibility is restricted to applicants who have or will have a full-time faculty appointment as of the start date of the Adelante project. Applicants who do not currently fit this eligibility criterion should include a letter from their University establishing a start date for appointment as a full-time faculty member.

Am I eligible to apply if I have had a K award in HIV/AIDS research?

Yes. All applicants are required to meet the definition of an NIH “New Investigator.” Click this link to read a list of NIH funding mechanisms that do not disqualify someone from being considered an NIH “New Investigator.”

I received a doctoral degree more than 10 years ago, and I recently received another degree (e.g., M.P.H.). Am I eligible?

No. Applicants must have received their doctoral degrees or completed their residencies in the past 10 years.

Am I required to have a CFAR Mentor in place before submitting the Proposal?

Yes. An applicant is required to have a CFAR Mentor AND a Collaborating Partner in place before submitting a Proposal.

Where do I find a listing of CFAR-affiliated mentors?

Information regarding potential CFAR Mentors can be obtained by contacting individual CFARs.  Contact information is provided on the NIH CFAR webpage.

Must the CFAR Mentor have current NIH funding or only a history of NIH funding?

At a minimum, the CFAR Mentor must have a history of NIH funding in HIV/AIDS research.

Do I need a letter of support from the CFAR Mentor only or from the community organization that will be collaborating in the process as well?

A letter of support is required from the CFAR Mentor AND the Collaborating Partner. Letters of support can be provided for additional ADELANTE Team members, if applicable.

Is a biosketch for other members of the ADELANTE Team — not the CFAR Mentor or the Collaborating Partner — needed or is only a letter of collaboration required?

The NIH biosketch is required ONLY for the Scholar, the CFAR Mentor, and the Collaborating Partner.

I would like to work with a Mentor who is associated with a CFAR but is not at a CFAR. Would he/she be eligible?

As long as the CFAR Mentor is considered a CFAR Member by the local CFAR, he/she is eligible.

Are there informational webinars about the CFAR ADELANTE Program and the Proposal submission process?

Yes. Please stay tuned for more information.

Will you support international research?

International research may be allowed only if it represents a small subset of a larger domestic CFAR Adelante study.

How can I submit my Full Research Proposal?

Full Research Proposals will be accepted only from those applicants who have been invited to submit them by the CFAR Adelante Program, based on the outcome of the Concept Proposal review. Applicants must submit a PDF version of their Proposal applications by email to the Adelante Project Coordinator, Allison O’Rourke, at orourkea@gwu.edu.  When submitting a Proposal, applicants should use this cover page document.  CFAR Adelante Proposals are due on September 8, 2017, at midnight (Eastern Time).

I’m having difficulty downloading the documents on the site (RFA and Application Packet). What do you recommend?

Please try using a different web browser. Firefox is the recommended browser for use on this site.

If you continue to have difficulty downloading the documents, please contact the Adelante Project Coordinator, Allison O’Rourke, at orourkea@gwu.edu, and we will send the documents to you via email.